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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which Fibre to Choose?

100% Natural Wool and 80/20 Wool Blends

- Natural springy bounce

- Looks better for longer 

- The pile will return and keep it's shape for longer

- But it can stain, you need to get to any spillages quickly 

- Has the environmental benefit of being more fire retardant

- As it's natural, it is the greener option when it comes to disposal.

100% Synthetic

- Many fibres have a very luxurious, soft and plush feel

- They will tend to flatten quicker than wool

- They are brilliant with stains and stain removal cleaning 

- Polypropylene is the most common

Polyester and Polyamide will have more spring and perform more like wool

- Fully synthetics are recommended for areas likely to stain, perfect for busy households with pets and children.

Vaccum Cleaner

What is Normal Wear and Tear?

Over time your carpet is likely to show signs of general wear.

It is important to choose the best fibre for your requirements to ensure longevity. We also recommend you purchase new underlay when buying a new carpet, it can prolong the life of your carpet by up to 40%.

In Wool carpets it is normal to see slight pile reversal, this naturally occurs with daily use and weekly vacuuming. It should however still retain its luxurious shaggy pile and opulent appearance.

Synthetic carpets can withstand high levels of traffic with very little impact. The manmade fibres are super resilient and hold their colouring well.

Fur Carpet

Footprints! Is my Carpet Faulty?

Your carpet may show footprints or compression marks if the pile of the carpet has been disturbed. Carpets with a deep pile will inevitably bend during use. The colour of the pile will have a different appearance on the side to that seen end on.

During use, the pile of the carpet will be randomly disturbed. Light and dark patches will be visible depending on the angle of the pile in relation to where you are situated within the room. This is most typical of a deep pile Wool carpet.

Clean Bathroom

Carpet in the Bathroom?

Carpeting in your bathroom is purely down to personal preference.

While there are many arguments for and against choosing carpet for the throne room. We recommend selecting a carpet that is suitable and designed to be in that environment. 

Speak to our team about the waterproof backing on some carpets and how we can help ensure the correct carpet is used to avoid damage to your subfloor and is water resistant.

Why not have a look at LVT or Vinyl as an alternative.

What we stock

Top Sellers


Award Winning British Carpet Manafacturer

The Cormar Carpet Company is a proud, British, family-run business and has been making carpets since 1956 at our two mills in Lancashire. Making and delivering carpets from distribution sites in Hemel Hempstead and Bury to around 3,000 Cormar Carpet Company retailers across the UK and Ireland, using their own fleet of vehicles.


They have won over fifty carpet and flooring industry awards, including being voted “Best Carpet Manufacturer 2020” by readers of Interiors Monthly and F1 “Carpet Supplier of The Year” for the last 13 years.

Cormar offer a huge variety of carpets to suit almost all of your household or business needs.


Over 100 years of outstanding and innovative UK carpet manafacturing. 

Hugh Mackay have been operating since 1903, taking pride in every step of their manafacturing process. Carefully selecting each yarn and allowing customers to design and visualise their new carpets using their "Design It" and "Visualise It" tools on their website. 

Each stage is as important as the last for the Hugh Mackay team, so our customers can rest assured, if they are choosing a Hugh Mackay carpet, they’re in good hands.


Natural Luxurious Carpets.


Combining traditional skills with modern technology, Riviera creates a range of innovative carpet products in distinctive designs, colors and textures, across a variety of natural and man-made fibers.

Riviera’s carpets are made of 100 percent wool to offer customers the best in beauty, comfort, durability and environmental responsibility. By using wool from New Zealand and the United Kingdom, Riviera delivers carpet products that are aesthetically stylish, as well as ethically constructed. Wool is a sustainable material that’s completely renewable, biodegradable and responsibly grown by farmers who care.

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UK Based manafacturer with global recognition and their own in-house unque weaving technology.


Ulster Carpets has managed to combine the core values of a family-owned business with the attributes of a major manufacturer by still retaining the vision of the company founder, George Walter Wilson, who established the company in 1938.

Their passion for the highest quality led to the development of their own unique weaving technology – PSYLO™. To this day, they continue to pioneer the latest techniques in weaving and dyeing technology to enhance the quality of their carpets.

Marble Surface


We have more available for your flooring project and lots more on display in our showroom. Stop by and talk to us about your design needs.

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